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Alex Beutel


About Me

I currently work at OpenAI as tech lead for model safety research.

I was previously a senior staff research scientist, tech lead, and manager at Google Research, co-leading a Responsible ML team and driving research spanning recommender systems, fairness, robustness, reinforcement learning, and machine learning for databases. I led work from basic research to product impact, with >50 launches across multiple products.

I got my Ph.D. in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Christos Faloutsos and Alex Smola. My thesis research focused on large-scale user behavior modeling, covering fraud detection, recommender systems, and scalable machine learning. Over the course of graduate school, I interned with Facebook's Site Integrity team and News Feed Ranking teams, Microsoft's Cloud and Information Service Lab, and Google Research.

Before graduate school, I majored in computer science and physics at Duke University. While there, I worked with Pankaj Agarwal and Thomas Mølhave on computational geometry for terrain modeling.

Email me at or contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Machine Learning Systems

Fraud Detection