Google Reader Notifier (version 1 beta)

From Alex Beutel

This is a simple Jetpack extension to display notifications of new Google Reader updates. It will display, by blog, the number of new posts as shown in the image below. At the same time, the status bar will display the total number of new posts. Clicking on the icon in the status bar will bring you to Google Reader in a new tab. All AJAX requests are performed asynchronously so as to not effect the rest of your browsing.
To install this script, you must have Jetpack installed and then you should see a bar pop up at the top of this page. For the notifications on a Mac to be displayed you must have Growl installed. The source for the script can be viewed here.
I also recently blogged about this script and my change from Netvibes to Google Reader here.
This script is adapted from a previous script found at If you prefer to only have one notifications with total number of new posts and not notifications by blog I suggest you use this old script. I may post an updated version of that script too with asynchronous requests.